Day #83 March 13 2019

Weather: Sunny, warm, soft slippery snow

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Today I tried out a GoPro, and got a tiny bit of footage out of it, showing my usual trail entrance, over by the Coop.

It doesn’t convey how nice it is to get out of traffic, but trust me – this is the place you want to be.

The season is shaping up nicely, and I took a run through the trails up to the Bristol Monument, then back through the City Hall area.

Same trail, warmer weather
South end of Meghan Trail
North end of Meghan Trail

Training Tip: Favourite Trail – Meghan Trail

Meghan Trail, northbound or southbound, is a favourite trail. I was introduced to it by Meghan, who met me at Fred Henne, where we went into the trail system.

I’ve been stuck in it ever since.

Meghan runs this like it’s fairly level, maintaining her composure and grace throughout. If you are like me, you will get to the top of the stairs gasping, wheezing and looking for a bench. In either direction.

Meghan and Judi