Day #84 March 14 2019

Weather: Sunny warm and a bit melted

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This morning’s run was gorgeous! Of course, the warm weather has more melt-issues around Coop, but that won’t affect me, right?

I noticed that the overflow spot had spread near the lake crossing path, but didn’t look really closely. I really enjoyed the run through the trail today, totally forgetting the wet spot.

As I came back through Somba K’e Park, I paused to consider ‘trying’ the segment. I felt good, the ground looked pretty good. I decided to try it.

Did ok at first. Got nearly all the way across, maintaining just a smidge over 5:00/km, when I got to the newly groomed area of path which skirts the big puddle.

My time went to trash, but I’m still calling it a win today.

Training Tip: Food after a run

While I don’t have a specific nutrition plan for this, in general I like to have some sensible calories nearby, because it can easily turn insensible after a run, without that kind of choice handy. You can’t outrun a bad diet.

I’m a fan of 0% fat Greek yogurt, with a bit of granola and frozen berries. It’s like ice cream.

Steaming boreal morning