Day #85 March 15 2019

Weather: Bright, partly cloudy and lightly falling snow

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Today, I ran downtown to join pals for a run. I tested the gopro in a rear-facing arrangement, and learned a bit about it. Didn’t get any useable footage though.

Stayed off the lake, sticking to paths and streets. Near the end, I steered off my own way, and headed home to beans and peanut butter.

the vid was no good, but I did manage to get a screen grab showing that it was slippery

Training Tip: Run on ice for form drill

It isn’t strictly necessary to run on real ice, if you have a good imagination.

Picture yourself running on a sheet of super-slippery ice, and try to run as lightly, and smoothly as possible. If you want to speed up, instead of applying more power to your feet, you will have to lean forward more, and allow your legs to catch up.

If you feel your feet slip at all, you need to run more balanced.

If you do it right, it will be a very slow process to speed up, slow down or turn, but the form improvements are worth it, in my opinion.

On the training road