Day #86 March 16 2019

Weather: Cool and clear

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Tonight’s run was going to be a shorter one, but the aurora’s were out, and I was reminded today about how lucky I am to have them lighting my trail.

Went around Frame Lake, late this evening. Had a busy day photographing an endurance event. I haven’t finished processing yet, but here is one from the finish line.

finish line

Training Tip: Phone battery in the cold

My smartphone battery is pretty amazing, for all it can do, but it VERY quickly discharges when exposed to extreme cold. I do pull it out for the odd photo, but I’ve had it freeze and die. When that happens, it won’t turn on, but if I take the phone indoors, and allow it to warm back up, it will.

Since my smartphone is part of my safety kit, I seldom head out without a full charge. That seems to help.

Bison bison athabascae