Day #87 March 17 2019

Weather: Sunny and warm, soft snow

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today I had a warmup run with Leah and Beth, going around Niven Lake with Leah telling me about her project. Leah agreed on a goal of running around the Niven Lake Trail, nonstop. I’m excited to hang out with her while she learns to do it.

After that, Meghan caught a ride over. We ran over to Kam Lake, then through the dogtrail (as mentioned in a previous post) to Great Slave Lake. Once there, we turned north and followed the shoreline, and soft skidoo tracks, to meet up with Michele, who skied along with us back to Rotary Park.

What an AMAZING day out there! It’s been too long since running with Meghan and Michele. In fact, I had to enter BOTH their names into this years ‘run with me’ database.

I was especially happy that Meghan came along because I’ve been having a tough time coordinating with someone to go, and the trail is melting away. Since this trail is one I prefer not to do solo, I almost missed it this season. It is just as beautiful as I remember, and nearly twice as shiggy.

Training Tip: Take in running events as a spectator

The Frostbite50 is a local 50km event which can be done on skis or snowshoes. I went to see the start, then came back in a few hours to watch the participants finish. I put some finisher photos up at nwtrunning.

In a long day full of my favourite scenery, and interesting stories, the best might have been late in the afternoon, when the crowd came out to cheer in the last finisher. They did such a good job, it made me want to go run.

Thanks to everyone who delivered such a great event