Day #88 March 18 2019

Weather: Warm and weird, with mostly sticky snow

Above-zero temperatures all day, but the trail was still mostly frozen and sticky. Soon, it will be all-slush! Or it’ll go back to hard cold.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today I got some new gels in the mail, and tried one. I got as far as the coop leak, and tried it there while navigating around the spreading puddle. The leak seems to get worse when it warms up, and there is also softer, rotten snow when it is warm and sunny.

As to the gel (Endurance Tap), it was pleasant, and did nothing at all to upset my stomach. Next test will be a long run with one (100 kCal) every 15 or 20 minutes along. I don’t like the packaging, but maybe I’ll get better at emptying them. If not, I might just get and fill a syringe or something. a dozen or so empty packages in a race doesn’t sound like a great habit to start.

I was just watching Super Troopers, and those guys simply chugged syrup straight from the bottle. They just might be on to something…

Coop leak
Spreading across the lake

I kept my feet dry this time, but I’ve got a feeling that won’t last long.

Training Tip: Glasses frost and fog

Planning for vision-free adaptations has been best for me. Glasses frost, or fog, whatever treatments I’ve used. I tried a product, and a home-remedy. Neither worked well.

So my garmin watch faces are set up so that I can have the data I need biggest when I need it. My glasses are on when I can, but when they frost over, they go to an inside pocket, which means I’ll get a few seconds of vision before they freeze again.

I’ve also adjusted the size of the text on my phone, and can find and use voice-to-text via squinting and cursing. (incidentally, I also talked my voice-to-text into using f-bombs)

It’s also handy for me to have a fresh pair of glasses ready for when I get home.

A corner I pass nearly every night