Wrap-up and Key

It’s been an awesome season! In 90 days, my total minutes were 6978, with my heart beating over 858,000 times to get that done.

That’s an average heart rate of a bit over 123 beats per minute.

There were 57 ‘stunt runs’ out of 90, adding up to 63% of the runs at or below -30C

I ran a total of 862km this season, which is an average of 9.7km per day. (or per run)

A personal high point, is that I secured this years fastest crossing of Frame Lake, in BOTH directions.

On the Coop to City Hall direction (1.15km) , I’m 1st of 3, with a time of 5:21 and a recorded average pace of 4:38/km. This was the run where that coach from Houston had come to run the segment, and I tried to match his time later that night, and got it. Felt great.

On the City Hall to Coop direction (1.12km), I’m 1st of 7, with a time of 6:16 and a recorded average pace of 5:34/km. I think doing it in this direction must be uphill or something. I’m not the only one who runs it slower in this direction.

Now that the weather has warmed, that route is TERRIBLE. I mean, some weird weather, or a wild and fast person, might still take it from me, but I think it is secured until freeze up.

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