Day #76 March 6 2019

Weather: Sunny and warm with light wind

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Today I set my watch wrong, so it looks like a treadmill run, but I was out there, REALLY I was!

You could ask the guy on the fatbike, or the guy skiing, but I didn’t see who they were…

Training Tip: Favourite gear – Noxgear Tracer360

Judi, out of concern for my visibility running at night, found this product online a few years ago. It’s probably the most ‘disco’ running item I own (and I own a big white cowboy hat!)

The website can give you all the technical details, so I’ll just give my experience.

I contacted the company early, and after spreading their name around the Yellowknife Social Runners group, they gave us a discount code.

Noxgear also provided several free 360’s, which have been handed out vigorously. (one even got to Norman Wells)

This was already pretty good, but I damaged my light once, between the cold and rough handling. They immediately sent out a replacement part, and provided good instructions to affect repairs.

It’s been over a year since replacing the strand, and with my more careful handling, it hasn’t been a problem for me since.

This unit is in near-daily service, with a brutal cold on one side, and a sweaty guy on the other. Somehow, it doesn’t even go through many sets of AAA batteries. (I think I’ve replaced one set this winter)

It’s a LOT more visible than a still picture indicates.

Is that a whisky flask in my pocket, or am I just happy to show off my Noxgear?

Day #22 January 11 2019

Weather: Finally NOT a stunt run!

Warmer weather makes it easier, fresh snow makes it harder.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Took the opportunity presented by a warmer night, and wandered a bit. Headed up Old Airport Road to Bristol Monument. From the Cemetery road all the way to the entrance of Meghan Trail was pretty soft, having been freshly groomed. I slowed, and slogged through. Used the slowdown as an excuse to shoot tonights selfie by Yellowknife’s Welcome sign.

Meghan Trail slowed me to a crawl, at a couple places because of the snow. The stairs in particular took special attention.

Once on top of the hill, the going got pretty smooth. This part of the trail has been run plenty. When I turned off the main trail onto Stock Lake Trail, things got a bit softer and slower. That’s just fine with me, since it’s even more beautiful if I’m out there longer (not to mention more ‘Walk to Tuk‘ minutes)

I ducked into the small connector trail between Stock Lake and the Frame Lake Trail. It had hardly been run at all. I stepped off the packed trail often, into deeper snow. It slowed me down further, in a most pleasant way.

Coming back through Somba K’e Park was the usual brilliant light show, with an added shiny star – Buddy the dog. Buddy is a very regular trail user, who I met a year or two ago when noxgear gave me a spare ‘lighthound’ dog light to share. (They gave it to me through Yellowknife Social Runners, where you can find a discount code) Buddy enjoyed it, and has enjoyed it regularly. He’s even starting to warm to me, now that we are lit up similarly.

Training Tip: run deep snow for a short, intense workout

My running through the trails is mainly easy, on the best surface you could hope for – foot-packed snow.

As seen in todays feature photo, (bottom of page) many feet press the snow along a singletrack into an easy path to follow, but just a bit off that path, and you will be running in unpacked, fresh, deep snow. The difference can be huge.

With this photo, it is easy to see how intense the deep snow workout can be.

Meghan showing strong form

My deep snow running is infrequent, but I always plan to be soaked and exhausted at the end. Even if it is only 100m, it can be grueling. Like running in soft sand, but it can be MUCH deeper.

It’s always good to remember that once soaked and exhausted, it’s good to be near a warm car or home.

City Skyline and singletrack

Day #4 December 24, 2018

Weather: Stunt Run!

A chilly, sunny and hoarfrost-crusted -26C (feels like -32C) with light winds, even during the lake crossing.

Photo by C. Twa
Dashed ahead momentarily to get a shot of the group. (Mara is hidden but pacing Mr. F.)

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

It looks a bit like a lower heart rate run yields a lower ‘beats-per-kilometer’ value. I think more running should help clarify. 🙂

This morning (hey – noon IS morning on Christmas Eve!) Judi and I ran with our good friends Cam and Paul, and our new friends Mara and Anna May.

I was going to have another run in the evening, but decided on cheesecake instead.

Some friends running disco on the McMahon Frame Lake Trail

Training Tip:

Put your smartphone in a sandwich bag, in an inner pocket to keep the battery from freezing while reducing moisture/condensation.

With my touchscreen, I can still unlock my phone via fingerprint, navigate the menus a bit, and even take hazy photos.

I sometimes also put a small piece of sealhide in the bag, to hold a bit of warmth and to absorb a bit of moisture. The bag is mostly good enough to keep it out, but I tend to take it out for improved photos along the way.