Day #89 March 19 2019

Weather: Sunny and warm with sloppy, wet snow

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

Todays run was meant to be a test of my new road shoes, to see if they are better for road training (my ultra in May is a road ultra)

I meant to go for an easy run around the freshly exposed pavement. Well, it went differently.

As I slowed to decide how to navigate the first driveway-pond, I stepped through slush into water over my ankle.

Undaunted, I stomped in the other one, and kept on.

It seems ok to run in them, wet, though they were a bit cold. I hope they dry enough for tomorrow, so I can beat them unfairly again.

Training Tip: Persistence Hunting

This form of hunting has always been inspiring to me as a runner. It exemplifies the merciless, terrifying predator that is a hungry human.

Basically, it is very simple. You run after an animal until you get your teeth on it, then chew and swallow.

The ‘horror’ part comes from empathizing with any animal pursued in this fashion. There really aren’t many ways out of this.

Except maybe running more.

Beautiful friends, on beautiful Rat Lake Trail, with the beautiful ‘Rob Shaft’ (Con Mine) in the background