Day #51 February 9 2019

Weather: NOT a stunt run 

So the weather has finally warmed up above -30C.

Minutesaverage hrtotal heartbeatsKMbeats/km

This evening was a MUCH tougher that usual. I have been ‘on a cut’, nutrition-wise for awhile, and was hungry tonight. I also found myself tired and walking a few times, which is unusual.

I took a few minutes to make up another set of sealhide spats. They do keep most of the snow out of my laces, and I think they are slightly warmer with than without. Of course, I picked a different colour, so they don’t have to match.

The usual route, so I went around Frame Lake and crossed it only to avoid the hills. The bit of fresh snow hid the trail enough to make it a pretty sucky crossing.

Training Tip: Kam Lake to Great Slave Lake dogtrail

This trail, described by this strava segment, is a great way to get out to Great Slave Lake from the Kam Lake area. Cutting East across Kam Lake, then joining a dogsled trail which goes across Meg Lake before dumping you out on Great Slave Lake. Watch out for overflow at the edge of Great Slave, and if you are lucky, there will be a road plowed in to that spot, which can take you roughly East toward Dettah, eventually connecting with the Dettah Ice Road, or the fish road which goes south from there to Wool Bay.

A great route in winter, it would be a horror, bug-infested and impassable, in summer.

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